Monday, March 28, 2011

Movie Sunday - Hits or Misses

Apparently the only time I'm going to actually stick around and watch any of the DVD's I own will be on days where I feel icky and don't want to leave the house. Yesterday I managed to watch 2 whole movies and parts - big parts - of 2 more.

Which probably sounds like nothing to those people who buy movies and watch them the same day (or the same week at least) but for me it's totally a BFD. And so accordingly I feel it deserves a little space on the blog - to hopefully some other lost soul when they're flipping through channels or searching their shelves for something to watch.

1. Hellboy - HIT

I have to admit I've seen this one before as I did in fact watch it soon after I bought the movie originally. Still - doesn't matter -  because I ended up watching most of it again yesterday, which reminded how cool it really is.

2. Save the Last Dance - HIT

Oldie but a goodie. And I don't care how much of it was done by a double because that last Julliard audition scene? LOVE it!

3. My One and Only - HIT

I picked up this up as a random 4/$20 from Blockbuster and I've gotta say it wasn't too bad. Renee Zellweger as an aging Southern Belle trying desperately to hang on to her way of life while it's falling down around her? A+ entertainment.

4. Monsters vs Aliens - MISS

Unfortunately this one was not so great. I couldn't really put my finger on anything specific, it was just a bunch of a 'blah'. I'd definitely save the money and watch it when it comes on TV.