Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Patrick Rothfuss! Well ok - almost

So yesterday I decided that the best use of my time (in or out of work) would be to take the day off and go see Patrick Rothfuss at the Library of Congress. And you know what? I was exactly right.

Even after moving the event to a 'bigger room' it was completely packed, with Rothfuss eventually having to play traffic controller and gradually moving people standing in the hallway in to sit on the floor. Seriously. It was even more ridiculous when you consider that we were in a dining room that was obviously cut in half with those sliding wall things and it would have been the easiest thing in the world to create more room. 

But again, I consider that one of those logical actions that most people apparently don't like to do.

Sadly for you guys Rothfuss doesn't like being filmed while having discussion like this past one. He's rightfully concerned about small 45sec clips being taken out of context and posted up on YouTube - to his and everyone's detriment. We'll have to just settle for my book nerd-ery in the form of handwritten notes, which will be transcribed tomorrow as I forget to bring my notepad with me :-/ Sorry!

Still let me just assure you that it was a hilarious event and even now one of the things I remember best is how much I want the shirt he was wearing: