Saturday, March 5, 2011

Patricia Briggs Q&A Round-up

As I'm sure it's probably clear from the letter I posted earlier, my experience last night at the Borders book signing for Patricia Briggs wasn't all that pleasant. 

But you know what was pleasant? Ms. Briggs herself.

I've never heard her speak in person before but she is an absolute doll and obviously dedicated to her fans! She let attendees know by Twitter and in person that to keep the line for signing manageable each person could get 3 things signed initially, but then get back in line. She wouldn't leave until every person got what they wanted signed. How nice is that?!

Plus she had a great sense of humor about the Q&A portion and it was so much fun listening to her read an excerpt from River Marked! I even took some video from that and will post it up as soon as possible, since I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd enjoy hearing her voice, lol. 

Still, until then I wanted to write up some of the take home points I took notes about during the Q&A portion:

*There will be another Hurog book eventually, she's just not sure when

*Ditto for the Hob's Bargain series - there will be another, at least one to really finish out the story, but she's not sure when it will actually materialize

*It's very doubtful that there will ever be a book with both Mercy and Anna. If anything a short story is more likely

*Regarding children between Mercy and Adam: there's always a possibility, but it's doubtful. If Mercy did have children one of two things would have to happen: either she'd have to do something stupid, put them in danger and then subsequently rescue them or stop doing stupid things entirely

*Why she doesn't do novellas - stories good enough for novellas are usually good enough for novels. So she has to write a novel and then take all the good stuff out - so she won't be doing that again

*Merric won't have a novella, we'll just continue to learn more about him as the series progresses

*Ms. Briggs said that as a concise writer she's never taken anything out of her books that she would now put back in 

*It's HIGHLY unlikely that Mercy would ever turn into a werewolf. Giving her any more awesome cosmic powers would be wrong for the series. Mercy is who she is and most of her awesome cosmic super powers have to do with her brain

It was a short Q&A so those are the only notes I got from it all but I hope like me you learned something new! Author panels and Q&A's are some of my favorite things in life, as long as I never hear the dreaded phrase "This isn't so much a question as a comment...."

P.S - I totally realized from this that I have to start bringing note books or something to these kinds of things. Taking notes on my phone got old REALLY fast >.<

P.S.S. - Patti over at Book Addict also has a wrap up post from her in-person meet up with Patricia Briggs AND Kim Harrison.