Monday, September 12, 2011

Mini Me: Canyons of Night by Jayne Castle

The island of Rainshadow is home to the mysterious, privately-owned woods known only as the Preserve. Now, after fifteen years away, both Charlotte Enright and her teen crush, Slade Attridge, have returned. But will their psi talents and Slade’s dust bunny companion be enough to keep them from getting drawn into the darkness at the heart of the Preserve? 

Canyons of Night was a good, but sadly not great, addition to the Harmony series. The elements were all there - characters with a past, kookie small-town setting, mysterious paranormal location that may or may not be imploding - it all should have added up to another home run. Unfortunately things felt more formulaic than usual in this installment and while I enjoyed it because I like the way Castle builds a romance between her two main characters, it's not my favorite and for those less devoted is a fine library read.