Thursday, September 15, 2011

Silver Shark by Ilona Andrews

This is the part were I usually have a title description but since I can't find one I'm going to go with the Tweet that sucked me in:

"Okay, it's basically Millionaire Boss and His Humble Secretary in space & secretary kills people with her brain"

(Or you could check out Goodreads which has the Andrews approved summary.)

It's incredibly exciting for me as a reader (though I'm sure frightening for them) when an author goes out and releases something that's different from their norm. I'm always on the look out for the next great book to read and when an author adds something different to their repertoire I almost feel like it's an assurance that while it may be new it's going to be good. It's an author's voice that has the most to do with whether a story a resonates with me, and in the instance of Silver Shark, Ilona Andrews has once again written a fantastic world, never mind the fact that it's not Kate Daniels in it.

While I was reading I could definitely see its HP roots with the self-confident billionaire and the insecure secretary, but as is often the case with Andrews things end up being much more than that. Claire (the secretary) is insecure only in the realm of this new world she's found herself in, her abilities as a Kinsman and and a protector are still what define her sense of self. Ventura (the millionaire) picks up on that dichotomy from the beginning and is determined to figure out what makes her so different from everyone else.

What I'm saying is that the story may be shorter but sparks fly and the romance is just sweet enough, without the annoying alphole or TDTL heroine (which is what turned me off full blown Harlequin titles). Add in lots of action since they're both warriors and you've got an intriguing and interesting story and I can only hope that the Andrews team decides to give us more glimpses into the Kinsman universe later.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up.

Series - 1) Silent Blade 2) Silver Shark (Released 9/16? Soon!)

**Title requested from the author for review**