Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Prince With No Heart by Emma Holly

A very grown up fairytale from USA Today bestselling author, Emma Holly. In the magical kingdom of Madrigar, handsome Prince Augustin has been robbed of his heart by a cruel fairy. Blessed by a kinder member of the fae with an “untiring” sword, he’s learned such gifts present challenges . . . and that missing hearts are no light burden to bear.

Plucky Princess Violet likewise suffers under a spell, fated to burn forever with desires no common lover can satisfy. She seeks a champion to save her people and herself from the clutches of a lovesick werewolf.

The sparks they create are as hot as a blacksmith’s forge. Alas, these wounded lovers must do more than fall in bed. The survival of both their kingdoms depends on them losing their enchanted hearts to each other.

Emma Holly was my primary pick for the roadtrip down to Dragon*Con this year and I'm happy to report it was a good choice on my part! Her books were some of the first that introduced me to the erotica genre and she continues to be one of the authors that I go back to when I need reminding of just how good it can be. 

The Prince With No Heart is a quick little story (~100 pages) about a prince who was 'blessed' at birth with unending stamina and a princess suffering to put this? She's horny guys - horny all the time with no way to get satisfaction. She calls on the prince to help protect her kingdom and they end up falling in love - which shouldn't surprise anyone because this is a fairytale!

The dialogue is fun, the characters are kind of ridiculous (as they should be), and the story is one that is enjoyable even when you reread it.  Since it's an erotic fairytale the sexual antics shouldn't surprise anyone; they're fast and furious and have the kind of the over the top-ness that leaves you fanning yourself.  Plus Holly does a great job of introducing us to the prince's 'problem' while still keeping him a sympathetic character, instead of making him out to be a promiscuous jerk.


Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. 

Series - None.