Monday, September 26, 2011

Rush of Pleasure by Rhyannon Byrd


With his sinister good looks, Noah Winston is the one man—a human with Casus ties—who Willow Broussard has never been able to resist. Once enemies, then lovers, Noah broke her heart. Yet the powerful witch and paranormal private investigator can’t turn him away when he needs her help in protecting his family, him —and the world— against their enemy…

As Noah and Willow work together, the secrets of their turbulent past are slowly exposed, each startling revelation drawing them closer. But when the enemy finally makes a move, Noah will need more than witchcraft and magic to survive. He’ll need his friends, one hell of a plan…and the undying devotion of a tenacious witch whose love is eternal.

While it feels like this series has taken a long, long, LONG, time to finish, Byrd wraps up her Primal Instinct books with a not too bad bang. The Casus are for the most part gone, finally sent back to the hell from which they'd escaped, but the Death Walkers are still around, causing wide spread death and destruction.

Also - random side note - I do really like how 1) vanquishing the original bad guys gave the series new ones, and 2) when the Death Walkers started to kill entire communities of people Noah and the other former Watchers were shown not only cleaning up the mess but trying to figure out how to cover it up. I thought both things gave the series a nice touch of reality, since that's not really something humanity deals with on a regular basis. 

But ok, to get back to the review, Rush of Pleasure is great both as a series end-er and a stand alone novel because while the characters from others books are brought into play for the most part the story centers on Noah and Willow. They have a past and so while they're forced to work together on this particle 'save the world' mission, neither are willing to forget what came before. There's a lot of sparks between the two of them and when the finally come together it's great!

The only place I'd criticize Rush of Pleasure is on the action front. You've built up all this momentum over eight books about how the Watchers are going to get rid of the Casus and then the Death Walkers, but by the time the final battle comes around readers aren't even in the midst of the action! The story switches to center on Noah and Willow, because their relationship depends on what happens at that battle, but I kind of felt jipped! I wanted to see the guys kick butt - which is rare for me as a hard core romance girl, but I think the ending would have been stronger for it.

Still the story was a good one and I can't wait to see what Byrd comes out with next.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up.

Series - ...5) Touch of Surrender 6) Touch of Temptation 7) Rush of Darkness 8) Rush of Pleasure

**Title requested from NetGalley for review**