Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Charmed by His Love by Janet Chapman

All Duncan MacKeage wants is to keep his crew building roads and bridges up the mountain to the fancy resort overlooking Spellbound Falls’ new inland sea. He doesn’t want anything to do with his own family magic or with the beautiful widow, Peg Thompson, and her tribe of little heathens. But when Duncan is tasked with keeping an eye on the widow Thompson, trouble starts.

Because of a family curse, Peg fears that giving in to her desires will mean killing off another lover. But Duncan—the strong, handsome man buying her gravel—is unbelievably tempting and determined to take care of her. Torn between her head and her heart, will Peg find the strength to break free of her black-widow curse? Or will pursuing their attraction put these lovers in harm’s way?

Some things I thought about while reading this book:
1) Don't ever kidnap me and think that sh*t is gonna be ok with me later.
2) Don't show clear evidence of how long you've been planning to kidnap me and think that's gonna be ok either.
3) I'm about 50% ok with you not reminding me that we've met before but that still means there's 50% of anger left to make your life a living hell
4) If I tell you, my BFF, in confidence something that has me really worried and then you immediately go and tell your husband who then tells the guy I kind of think is hot I will be upset. That is not ok. How about you just keep your mouth shut and help me as my friend?
5) I'm not ok if your magic can suddenly un-tie my tubes. I made that decision, your magic doesn't get to f*ck around with that.

I'm not trying to sound harsh but I think at some point I got fed up with this book. I liked it 90% of the way through and then all of a sudden I had back to back WTF moments. I like Janet Chapman. I like her voice, most of her series, and her combination of strong heroines with even stronger heroes that have to learn to step back a bit. I don't always like it when the book veers in the direction of 'heroine's journey'; things get a little condescending and what I consider to be realistic life lessons become things the heroine should suddenly disregard.

This book wasn't bad. I just had some issues with the way things were resolved - if you like Chapman and enjoyed the characters in Spellbound Falls look this one up. I'm about 50/50 on whether I'll buy the next one but truthfully I'm going to want to know what happens next dammit, and I've never been very patient, lol.

Overall Feeling - B/B-

Series - 1) Spellbound Falls 2) Charmed by His Love 3) Courting Carolina (8/28/12)