Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Just for Kicks by Susan Andersen

Las Vegas showgirl Carly Jacobsen keeps learning the hard way that her idea of fun differs radically from that of her neighbor Wolfgang Jones. Sure, he looks incredible, and he seems to have a thing for her legs, but the man's a robot. So what's with their chemistry?

Wolf has a plan for his life, and it doesn't include finding himself tempted by the freewheeling Carly…mile-high legs or not. Yet in a moment of weakness, the two discover at least one area where they do both have fun. But outside the bedroom the stakes are getting higher, and love might come down to a roll of the dice…

I'm not completely positive I haven't read this book before but I'm going to try and write this anyway....bear with me?

Readers are introduced to Carly and Wolfgang after they've been neighbors for a little while - which I love because they're not friends per se, but I don't have to deal with a sluggish 'this is how we met' explanation. Instead it's a quick story with a lot of action. Carly and Wolf have great snappy dialogue and the sparks between them rapidly evolve into a relationship (let me say again how much more I enjoy a story when both people are being honest with each other (even if they're not being strictly honest with themselves)).

The supporting characters weren't distracting and I think were instrumental in helping Wolf grow as a person and recognize the difference between his 'plan' and being happy. All in all it was a fun little read that even independent of Skintight I liked quite a bit.

Overall Feeling - B

Series - 1) Skintight 2) Just for Kicks