Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mini Me: Date Night by Emma Holly

Olivia Forster never dreamed she’d serve as queen of an enchanted city beneath the sea, something her three sexy husbands know. Though she adores her shapeshifter mates, she’s shy by nature, and they can tell the strain of always being “on” is beginning to wear on her. Sneaking away from their responsibilities won’t be easy, but come hell or high water, they’ll treat her to a night she won’t soon forget!

A snippet in the lives of Liv and her mates, I can't say that "Date Night" isn't worth a read - especially at $.99. It's a very sexy look at how all of them are balancing being in a committing relationship while also being mostly royalty, with all the responsibilities that entails. I  really liked the fact that Holly doesn't write them all as being perfectly in love with no problems or issues - this is a bit of a delicate situation (or at least it seems that way to me) with three men and one woman. I don't care how much someone's libido is increased, there are only so many emotional patches you can do before leaks break through. As an addendum/epilogue to Hidden Depths this works great, but I wouldn't recommend this without that background - it'd probably come off as too much sexy time/not enough plot time.