Friday, June 29, 2012

The Magicians and Mrs. Quent by Galen Beckett

Of the three Lockwell sisters—romantic Lily, prophetic Rose, and studious Ivy—all agree that it’s the eldest, the book-loving Ivy, who has held the family together ever since their father’s retreat into his silent vigil in the library upstairs. Everyone blames Mr. Lockwell’s malady on his magickal studies, but Ivy alone still believes—both in magic and in its power to bring her father back.

But there are others in the world who believe in magick as well. Over the years, Ivy has glimpsed them—the strangers in black topcoats and hats who appear at the door, strangers of whom their mother will never speak. Ivy once thought them secret benefactors, but now she’s not so certain.

After tragedy strikes, Ivy takes a job with the reclusive Mr. Quent in a desperate effort to preserve her family. It’s only then that she discovers the fate she shares with a jaded young nobleman named Dashton Rafferdy, his ambitious friend Eldyn Garritt, and a secret society of highwaymen, revolutionaries, illusionists, and spies who populate the island nation of Altania.

For there is far more to Altania than meets the eye and more to magick than mere fashion. And in the act of saving her father, Ivy will determine whether the world faces a new dawn—or an everlasting night. . .

Ok I will admit that Gothic Romance is perhaps not my genre (or subgenre). This book was painful for me to finish because at some point I just gave up on ever really liking all of the characters or where the story was going. Plus, in a authorial decision that completely turned me off, this book is in three parts that go from third person to FIRST PERSON back to third person. No thank you.

As a reader I felt like I was presented with a bunch of characters that required a ton of back story that still didn't result in me caring very much. It felt plodding I guess, with my left questioning who the heck Mr. Quent was for 2/3 of the book - which for me is way way too long. I think if you had patience and thought the foreboding overtones and hints of forgotten romance were just dandy than this is a book for you. I can admire the skill it took to weave together so many disparate elements, especially since with some Googling I've discovered this is the first in a trilogy, but it was not my cup of tea.

Overall Feeling - C-

Series - 1) The Magicians and Mrs. Quent 2) The House on Durrow Street 3) The Master of Heathercrest Hall