Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm back!

Hey Everyone!! Sorry I've been gone lately. I wish I had something wonderfully ridiculous and detailed to tell you about to explain why I couldn't be moved to blog, but in reality it was just one thing: Coffee Prince. A Korean Drama I stumbled upon right at the end of January, I pretty much used every waking moment I had to watch it (on mute, but it had subtitles so who really cares?).

It was fantastic and I plan to do a full review of it on my other blog so look for a link to that soon. I have some actual book related posts to get to today (including my January look back) but for now I leave you with one message:

 Eun-Chan and Han-Gyul FOREVER!!!

(P.S. - There's a great summary of this K-drama on Wikipedia. You can check it out here.)