Friday, February 18, 2011

Raising Kane by Lorelei James

 When a patch of ice sends attorney Ginger Paulson head-over-high-heels down a flight of stairs, she has no one to care for her young son and her invalid father—until lethally sexy Kane McKay shows up at the hospital, determined to prove his cowboy chivalry. Past experience has inoculated her against take-charge men, but even Ginger isn’t immune to Kane’s invasive charm and Built Ford Tough body.

For two years rancher Kane McKay has followed the Little Buddies mentoring program’s cardinal rule—hands off his Little Buddy Hayden’s mama. But one look at Ginger’s bruised body and Kane is through watching the stubborn woman take care of everyone but herself. The feisty, curvy redhead needs his help, and he’ll give her the hands-on type whether she likes it or not.

After Kane throws out doctor’s orders and issues his own demands—her full sexual submission—Ginger realizes Kane’s caring nature extends beyond just fulfilling her physical needs.

Can the former hell-raiser convince the gun-shy single mom to look beyond his past…toward a shared future?

Ok while I had to admit I didn't love the other book by James I picked up, Raising Kane turned out to totally be my cup of tea. This is the one that caught my eye initially and it really followed through as a great cowboy erotica :)

Kane has been attracted to Ginger for awhile but due to some insecurities on his part he hasn't made a move. But when Ginger has an accident that puts her out of commission and unable to care for her son or ailing father it's the perfect opportunity to show her that she doesn't have to be the care giver all the the time and that Kane would love to help.

I think what made this one work better for me was the emotional back and forth between Kane and Ginger. They'd had a bit of interaction in the other books (which I haven't read) and it lent a feeling of familiarity about the whole thing. It made it that much more believable when they jumped in with both feet and decided to take things a step farther.

I'm sure someone somewhere out there might say that Kane was too perfect but I think his doubts made him human in spite of how great he was with Ginger's son and father. He didn't just assume that he and Ginger would work out; he hoped but worried that his humble background would keep them apart. That and the hot - spicy! - antics in the bedroom kept this story interesting from start to finish.

Highly recommended!

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. 

Series - ...7) Shoudla Been a Cowboy 8) All Jacked Up 9) Raising Kane

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