Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who fires an author from her own series?

Lori Foster posted the link on her Facebook page, but here is it again for anyone who missed it: The author of Vampire Diaries has been fired from her own book series.

L.J. Smith has written Vampire Diaries from the beginning but apparently she was actually 'hired' by HarperCollins to write the series. As the article states, "Whilst Smith conceived of the characters, the world, the rules and so forth, HarperCollins owned the project and its copyright in their entirety."

Smith seemed to be moving the focus of the series  (I haven't read the books in quite awhile) away from a strictly relationship centered dynamic and HarperCollins didn't approve of the change.

Now I know that L.J. Smith istaking the high road on this one, asking readers to still buy the books in the series, but this is ridiculous. I read a series for a certain author's voice, for the work they've put into a series to make it unique and entertaining. Why the hell would I continue to read it when at the best the next author is just going to attempt imitation?
Smith isn't Carolyn Keene, and this isn't the Nancy Drew books. Shame on you HarperCollins, shame on you.

What do you guys think?

Would you keep reading a series if the author was replaced halfway through?