Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mini Me: Remembered Love by Diana Hunter

Val knows all her husband’s moves—and that’s their problem. After five years of marriage they’ve fallen into a rut. Sex with Gary has become…mundane. She still loves him and knows he loves her, but are they still in love?

Gary also knows they need a change. Maybe add a little kink to their sex life? Maybe Valerie tied to the bed—his to play with and command? Valerie discovers a whole new side of her husband as they peel away the “ordinary” and realize just how hot their love still is.

While I have to admit I didn't love this little short by Hunter there was a lot to it that made it better than I had expected. Val and Gary's marriage is on the rocks at the beginning - serious rocks. Rocks enough that I was taken aback for a moment and was like 'What's going to happen here?'. Instead of going into a overly sexual route, Hunter makes this a lot about the emotional distance that has to be bridged between the two. And how taking each other for granted is the quickest way to end somethign you don't want ended.

It's different for an erotica, but that's part of Remembered Love's charm, so I'd say go for it and pick it up for yourself from Ellora's Cave.