Friday, June 24, 2011

Side Jobs by Jim Butcher

Meet Harry Dresden, Chicago’s first (and only) Wizard P.I. Turns out the “everyday” world is full of strange and magical things – and most of them don’t play well with humans. That’s where Harry comes in.

Harry Dresden is the best at what he does, despite tending to stumble from crisis to drama in his dealings with the supernatural world. Somehow he unfailingly manages to get on the wrong side of werewolf, fae and vampire alike. But that’s where his own rather special powers come into play.

Magic – it can get a guy killed.

I have to admit that I was a complete wuss about this book. I bought it for Murphy's story at the end, one that takes place immediately after Changes. I rushed out to buy the book but when I got it home I just couldn't read it! I was too freaked out. Freaked about the ending of the last book, about Harry, about Murphy - about what Jim Butcher could do next that would potentially rip my heart out (because yes, he can totally do that). 

Finally though I had to man up. In the midst of a bunch of other books I sat down and read through Side Jobs and I'm very happy I did because Jim Butcher didn't disappoint. Each of these short stories are great glimpses into what makes the Dresden Files so wonderful and fun to read. It shows off Harry's particular blend of morality and practicality along with the supernatural in the 'normal' that characterizes the series. Plus Murphy's story? Pretty fan-f*cking-tastic if I do say so myself. She's been a favorite character of mine from the beginning and with the chance to finally read the thoughts in her head it's hard not to love her more. She and the rest of the things that go bump in the night in Chicago have a rough road ahead, no doubt about it, but I can't wait to get my hands on Ghost Stories. 

Oh and you've be warned - I don't think this collection will be as enjoyable if you haven't read the whole series. Yes Harry is a great character and he shines in whatever story you put him in, but a lot of these take place between particular books and thus have a lot of history. Full enjoyment will only truly come if you know all the emotional ups and downs that come before and after them.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up.

Series - ...11) Turn Coat 12) Changes 12b) Side Jobs (short stories) 13) Ghost Story (July 26, 2011)