Thursday, January 7, 2010

Excerpt - What a Dragon Should Know by G.A. Aiken (aka Shelly Laurenston)

"Really?" He lowered his head and his voice. "Am I fiercer to you now that you've seen me in battle? Do you want me more than you ever thought possible? Are you ready to take me at this moment?"

"Perhaps when the scabs fall off."

Not knowing what she meant, Gwenvael looked down at this body. Horrified, he sat up. "What is this? What's happened to me?"

"Calm down. It'll heal quick enough, I'm sure."

"Heal? I'm hideous!"

"You're alive."

"Hideously alive!" He covered her face with hands. "Don't look at me! Look away"

"Stop it!" She pulled at this hands. "Have you lost your mind?"

Gwenvael dropped back to the bed, turned his face toward the wall. " You know what this means, don't you?"


"I'll have to live alone, at the top of a castle somewhere. I'll hide from the daylight and only come out at night."

"Please stop this."

"I'll be alone but not for long because you'll all want me more. You'll lust for the beautiful warrior I once was and pity the hideous creature I've become. Most importantly, you'll want to soothe my pain." He looked at her again. "Don't you want to soothe my pain? Right now? Without that dress on?"

"No, I do not."

Dagmar tried to stand, and Gwenvael caught her hand, pulling her back down. "You can't leave me. I'm tortured and brooding. You need to show me how much you adore me so I can learn to love myself again."

"You've never stopped loving yourself."

"Because I'm amazing."

She yanked her hand away, but Gwenvael simply caught it again and dragged her until she was on top of him.

"Let me go!"

"Not until you kiss away my torturous brooding."

"I'm not kissing anything away." Dagmar froze. "And move your hands, sir."

"But they are warm and comfortable where they are."


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