Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A weekend off? Yeah right!

Well ladies and gents I'm back! I've just finished a whirlwind weekend in NC, where I spent my time playing, shopping, video taping, and as always, reading. NC is a quick 40min jaunt by plane, and while I appreciate finding a flight the same price as a 6hr bus ride, I must say I still don't like fling. It always messes with my inner ear and my sinuses and the whole thing ends up making me slightly ill. Not a good look - especially when you start mindlessly chatting with some cute Indian guy and you realize that this is the sh*tiest you've looked the entire weekend. Only me.

::face palm::

Either way I feel reinvigorated. If not to get back to work, at least to get back to blogger. It might surprise you to know that I only finished 2 books this weekend, with the one I just started finished up today. When I get around to editing and uploading my new YouTube video (in which my friend Jessica plays a starring role) you'll understand how sometimes, just sometimes, I have other things I want to do besides read. I know, shocking right?

The other thing I want you guys to start thinking about now is my giveaway! Wandering about Southpoint Mall I came upon these two items that were just perfect - for me anyway. Random and hilarious and themed to my life, I felt duty bound to deliver them up for your inspection and winning pleasure. I don't think it'll be a contest, just another giveaway probably, but stay tuned because there will be two chances to win - as a subscriber on my blog and as a fan of my Facebook page! Yes I'm on FB - look me up: 'Reading Amidst the Chaos'. It's a whole new chapter of my blogging life. I'm not sure if I should be scared....

More reviews soon!