Friday, January 22, 2010

Taking Shape by Tielle St. Clare - ERR Challenge Review

As a shapeshifter, Nick Conner can turn into anything or anyone he touches. Along with his brothers and sister, he uses this unique gift for private investigations. But something about their newest case doesn’t sit right. Their client isn’t being honest and their target, Tally, seems way too sweet to be a crook.

Or maybe it’s just that Nick wants her to be innocent.

But now he has an even bigger challenge on his hands. He’s made love to Tally in another man’s form—how can he convince her to love the man he truly is?

I've been trying to catch up on some of the erotica I've been missing out on lately by reading a lot of the free reads available on Ellora's Cave and do you know what I realized? There's a reason I haven't been reading so much of it. The authors I love aren't putting out books as often as they used to and the books that I see now-a-days just aren't that well written. I understand that it's hard to make a sex scene meaningful or engaging in 30pgs, but it's not impossible - I've seen it done. Yet somehow almost all of the 'quickies' I read these past couple days were very dissatisfying. Take away something from my experience people, free does not automatically make something worth your time, pick discerningly where you can.

Luckily by laying down some money and picking up this re-promote of a novella by Tielle St. Clare I got a great erotica to add to my list. Taking Shape is a great example of how an erotica has to have engaging characters along with well written sex scenes to top my list. Also there is just a sense of flow that a sex scene has to have to get me to be right there with the characters. You can have the man talk dirty all you want but if I'm reading about a woman replying back with a stilted 'f*ck my p*ssy' then I'm not going to be interested. I'm not saying that those words don't have a place in erotica, I just think they need to be used in the correct way - which thankfully St. Clare does.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. A great erotica that even with the intriguing premise of the guy sleeping with the heroine as another man first, pulls out a believable, and satisfying, ending.

Series - None.