Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The iPad? I still say let's wait and see

Well it's been revealed - the ever so hyped and discussed Apple tablet PC. The online world is already inundated with articles talking about how it will affect netbooks, Kindles, smartphones - pretty much every hand held device you can think of. Almost 10inches long, it's of course touch screen and looks most like a bigger than average iPod. But let's consider this (from my point of view of course)-

1. I realize it doesn't affect the usefulness of the device, but iPad? Really Apple? Did no one raise their hands and suggest that just maybe that wasn't the best name to go with? Every other comment I've seen on Facebook seems to deal with how men and women alike can only visualize feminine products when they hear the name. Somehow it makes me think that Apple isn't quite getting its message across....

2. Since this device offers (supposedly) better than average internet browsing capabilities, the iPad will be available in conjunction with different phone companies to offer wireless coverage. Without that the device will cost around $699 - a hefty sum for most people. That in and of itself is going to be a big deterrant for me. I can't imagine paying between $400 and $700 or beyond for something that is really an above-average iPod. I like my iPod. It does its job very well I think and my phone does its job too. And neither are all that big so I don't feel like my life is incredibly inconvienced because I carry both at the same time.

3. Again with the fact that I don't see myself browing the internet all that much with this, I don't like the fact that I'm going to be tied down to another monthly payment with the iPad. Comcast gets my money, VerizonWireless gets my money, countless credit cards get my money - isn't this enough? Do I have to pay monthly for the privilige of downloading the movies and ebooks I already own onto a device that would make them portable?

I think at least right now, with the information available, I don't see an iPad in my future. At least until I get my hands on a nook to test it out, I'd rather just consider the Sony e-Reader my best bet for a portable book reading device. Yes it would have been cool to be able to watch movies in addition to reading while in transit, but I'm just not willing to be sucked in to another contract. It's not worth it. I just want to be free from any particular company affiliation and be able to transfer files I already have to a device I can take with me. That's smaller than a laptop - or netbook. Ideally I'd rather just have a bigger iPod. But I can tell that that's not going to happen any time soon, if at all. In the end each person is going to have to make that decision for themselves, but do your research! Don't let the shiny new Apple product abduct your wallet and run away giggling!