Saturday, September 25, 2010

ALA Banned Books Week 2010

Today starts the very important week highlighting banned books. It's amazing to think of how in this day and age people still use feelings of moral righteousness and/or censorship to try and determine what people should (or be allowed to) read.

I'm lucky enough to say that my mother never tried to tell me what to read. I've always just picked up what caught my eye and if it held my attention? Well enough said. Try to imagine some place that had a library with mostly bare shelves or book stores that had 'with parental permission only' sections. 

Do any of us want to live like that?

Instead of taking for granted what most of us in America have as a inalienable right, remind yourself this week that it is a privilege that we have access to all that we read. Click on the link below and take a gander at the books some people don't have available and read something new. Read something controversial. 

Read something.