Thursday, September 23, 2010

Last Dragon Standing by G.A. Aiken

I know what they see when they look at me. The charming, soft-spoken dragoness bred from the most powerful of royal bloodlines. A disguise stronger than any battle shield that allows me to keep all suitors at tail's length. A technique that's worked until him. Until Ragnar the Cunning, handsome barbarian warlord and warrior mage from the desolate Northlands. Unlike those who've come before him, he does not simply submit to my astounding charm and devastating smile. Instead, he dismisses me as vapid, useless and, to my great annoyance, rather stupid!

Yet I'll allow no male to dismiss me. Soon he'll learn my worth, my many skills, and the strength of my will. For this one challenges me enough to make me want to ruthlessly taunt him, tease him and, finally, when the trap is set, bring him to his knees.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because whenever I read a Shelly Laurenston book (G.A. Aiken here, whatever) I tend to wax on poetically for days and at some point I even get bored with myself.

I really enjoyed this book. Keita is a lot of fun and even reminded me a bit of Dagmar in that she's so much more than she appears. You know that if you're getting her typical 'Her Highness' routine to watch out, because she's probably going to try to kill you any minute from now. Her relationship with Ragnar has all the smart banter, quick wit, and sexual tension that us readers have grown to expect from Laurenston and when combined with the appearance of the rest of Southland dragon family it's a damn good time. I think that's part of what make Laurenston's book such stand outs for me: the main couple of course has center stage, but all the men and women who have been integral parts of the story in the past are still there and the continuity of that connection keeps me involved the entire way.

I HIGHLY recommend it, though I think you'll only get full enjoyment of this particular installment after you've read all the books that have come before.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up.

Series - 1) Dragon Actually 2) About a Dragon 3) What a Dragon Should Know 4) Last Dragon Standing