Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top Ten Dragon*Con Greats - #2

#2 Laurell K Hamilton

In the end, LKH couldn't be number 1. I've seen her both years I've gone so far and I have to admit that the shininess of her coin has rubbed off. Not that it's gone completely mind you, I'm definitely going to be another one of her stalkers this year (did I ever tell you about the time she RECOGNIZED my friend and I last year? That's right, we'd stalked her to the point that we became familiar. How bad ass are we?!), but other people/panels might take precedent.

What makes LKH so integral to my experience at Dragon*Con though is the fact that so much of her goes into her writing (especially her Anita Blake series). There is an incredible amount of what maker her her that goes into creating Anita, and I'm not going to lie, listening to her talk is freakishly close to talking to Anita - and who's going to pass up the chance to talk with one of their favorite book heroines?

LKH does great by herself or as part of a panel, though when she's by herself I have to resist the urge to tell crazy/stalker-y/self-absorbed fans to SIT THE HELL DOWN! NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR LIFE STORY! I'm sure that this year she'll again manage to wow me and the other hundreds of fans who come, which makes her position near the top of this list very understandable.