Thursday, September 30, 2010

Circle of Magic: Sandry's Book by Tamora Pierce

Four elements of power, four mages-in-training learning to control them. In Book 1 of the Circle of Magic Quartet, gifted young weaver Sandry is brought to the Winding Circle community. There she meets Briar, a former thief with a way with plants; Daja, an outcase gifted at metalcraft; and Tris, whose connection with the weather unsettles everyone, including herself. The four misfits are taught how to use their magic, but when disaster strikes, it's up to Sandry to weave together four different kinds of power to save herself, her friends, and Winding Circle.

I mentioned Tamora Pierce on my post 'What to Read After Mockingjay' and this particular series is just one more reason why. I can't say that it holds the same place in my heart that the Alana Quartet does but it's another great example of what young adult literature can be. Tamora Pierce never talks down to her audience, never assumes that the reader would want anything different than an adult would. Thus her stories have the pacing and character development that you would find in an adult fantasy story but with the emotions and heart of a younger generation. I know I sound crazy but I swear it all makes sense when you read it!

Also, as I said before, this is again a series where female and male leads are of equal importance. Each character has a part to play, has a reason for being there - and male or female, flashy power or quiet, each characters gets the chance to save the day. I think it's a wonderful message and a big part of why these are books I read when I was younger, that I read now, and I'm sure I will continue to read in the future.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up.

Series - 1) Sandry's Book 2) Tris's Book 3) Daja's Book 4) Briar's Book