Monday, September 20, 2010

H Street NE Festival

I'm lucky enough to say that when I'm not reading Washington, DC offers me the chance to go to a lot of cool events. This past weekend was the H Street NE Festival; H St NE is an up and coming area of DC and it was blocked off between 8th and 14th to make room for a ton of vendors, bands, fashion shows, and artists. I've strangely enough been spending quite a bit of time there lately and this was just one more reason why I like it so much. If you're ever around when it's happening I highly recommend that you drop by because except for food it's a free and fun time!

H Street NE for the win!

I would say that 90% of the time all I think about is food so it's not really surprising that this is one of the first pictures I took.

I loved the derby girls! They had great outfits and kicking butt at the arm wrestling!

Baltimore Rock Opera Society

I had never heard them before but Billy Woodward and the Senders were terrific with a 50's rockabilly look and sound - I'm definitely going to try and see them again in person.