Monday, February 1, 2010

Dorina Basarab Series by Karen Chance

I picked up this series again when Chance released her newest addition to it, Death's Mistress. Truthfully I had to reread the first one just because I couldn't remember what happened! I hate when my reading list overwhelms my brain to the point I can't recall where something left off. Unfortunately it happens more often than I'd like, because when it takes months or years for a sequel to come out, and I read hundreds of books in the meantime, it's just bound to happen. But - it also helped me remember how cool Chance's covers are! What do you guys think?

Either way, what matters is this series takes place in the same world as Chance's Cassie Palmer books - thus you know there's going to be a lot of fast paced action and cool magic. The series stars Dorina Basarab, the daughter of Mircea and a peasant Romanian (a human peasant). Dhampir's are few and far between in Chance's world, not only because vampires hate them for their ability to kill scores of them, but also because their existence seems to cause black-out rages that result in lots of damage to their enemies, but at the same time causes lots of damage to themselves. The first book focuses on Dorina efforts to help the Vampire Senate capture/destroy (depends who you ask) Dracula, Mircea's brother- who's escaped from his magical prison. Along the way her efforts are split between trying to figure out what happened to her roommate Claire and trying to not kill her father-appointed vampire helper, Louis-Cesare. Yes, the first book is as cool as that explanation sounds.

The second book had even more action, since the whole story focuses on a whole slew of people searching for one
Fey relic- a relic that is rumored to bring invincibility to the wearer. Unsurprisingly, you've got Feys, Vampires, Sorcerers (everyone really) trying to get their hands on it, and none of them are too squeamish to kill someone standing in their way. Add in Vampire Senate seat competitions and disgraced Fey big-wigs trying to kill their way to throne, and you've got a rollicking good time. Plus, this book does a great job of drawing back in the romance element that I loved in the Cassie Palmer series.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. The books might not come out as quickly as I would like, but when they do they're great! (Wow, I kind of felt like Tony the Tiger there)

Series - 1)
Midnight's Daughter 2) Death's Mistress