Friday, February 19, 2010

The Elusive Bride by Stephanie Laurens

A second battle-hardened, completely unstoppable, all-male hero, an ex-officer of the Crown, confronts the deadly enemy known only as the Black Cobra.

He's focused on his mission, then sees a lady he never dreamed he'd see again—with an assassin on her heels.

She secretly followed him, unaware her path is deadly—or that she'll join him to battle a treacherous foe.

Through ever-present peril, through passion, desire, and ecstasy, they race to reach England—and their destiny.

It's amazing! I have a book review to write! I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, thrown my hands up at the sky, and screamed 'NO MORE BOOKS!'

........that might have been a bit much, huh?

Whatever I don't care - it's Friday and I've finally finished this book! Woohoo! It took me forever because this book was really only so-so (I'm very sad to be saying that, but it's true). I didn't really like the format of having the heroine write in her diary at the beginning of chapters - I pretty much skipped those from the 3rd chapter on. But even after that I just didn't feel the connection to the main couple like I usually do; there was just something about Emily and Gareth as people that made me care somewhat about their romance, but I never ended up caring a lot. Once you got to the middle of the book the story started picking up and at the end when I got little glimpses of all the Cynsters I fell in love with before, I even started liking it. But to be completely honest (which I try to do) the story was just not up to par with the others.

Overall Feeling - Eh. I don't give 'eh's very often, so you know that when I do they're usually warranted. Pick it up if you want to complete the series, but don't feel bad if you wait until your local library starts carrying a copy.

Series - 1) The Untamed Bride 2) The Elusive Bride 3) The Brazen Bride (July 2010)