Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Romantic Couples - Contest by Dark Faerie Tales!

This fantastic contest is being hosted by Dark Faerie Tales and I love the theme! What she's asking readers to do is choose their top 3 romantic couples (or love stories) and tell why.

There's a whole host of books up to give away -

1. Ecstasy Unveiled
2. Shadow Blade
3. The Iron King
4. Archangel’s Kiss
5. Bone Crossed
6. First Drop of Crimson
7. Darklight
8. Need
9. Betrayals
10. The Secret Year (Signed ARC)
11. Something Like Fate (ARC)
12. Incarceron (ARC & Hardcover)
13. Dirty Little Secrets (ARC)
14. Invisible Girl (ARC)
15. Inked
16. So Punk Rock (Signed)
17. Light Beneath Ferns (Signed)
18. The Princess and the Snowbird
19. The Dark Divine & Nail Polish
20. For Keeps (ARC)
21. Bleeding Violet (ARC)
22. Eleventh Grade Burns (ARC)
23. Spider’s Bite
24. Night Tides
25. Unperfect Souls
26. Blood Magic
27. Succubi Like It Hot
28. Embrace the Night Eternal
29. Beyond the Night
30. Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Who wouldn't be hyped after looking at this list?!? Either way, I am happy to say that after much time and attention (there might have been some agonizing along the way) I picked my TOP 3 ROMANTIC COUPLES!!


Buffy and Angel
- I have to go with Buffy and Angel, just because of the episode 'I Will Remember You'. It was the
epitome of romance, and about a billion episodes of unrequited forbidden love, when Angel turns human and they both get to have this perfect day. But then to have it all torn away because he can't protect her or help save the world? I fully admit that when he was holding Buffy and telling how everything would go back to the way it was and she wouldn't even remember it, I was crying like a baby. Full out, messy, not attractive at all tears. But I loved it and I know I'll remember it forever.

Wesley and Fred - What does it say that two of my most romantic couples are from Joss Whedon and for both the moments that stand out for me are the most tragic? Throughout the entire series of Angel I was rooting for Fred and Wesley, and when Fred died after being possessed by the demon Ileria I didn't think it could get more heartbreaking. Of course, THEN came the series finale where after Wesley is fatally injured, Ileria takes him in her arms and asks the question 'Would you like me to lie to you now?'. She then becomes Fred one last time, cradles him in her lap and tells him how she loves him, how they'll finally get to be together now. Oh! My heart! Again - crying, sobbing, like a baby!

Hannah and Thierry
- This last couple is one from my teenage years, but it's always been near and dear to my heart. Thierry is a vampire and Hannah is an Old Soul, a person who has been reborn throughout history. During
each of her lifetimes Thierry searches for her, only to find her just before she's murdered and taken from him again. In the present, Hannah is 16 and finally reunited with Thierry but torn between her feelings for him and the premonitions of doom she's been receiving. It all culminates in this beautiful scene where he tells her that he loves her so much he could never turn her into a vampire, instead he'll stay with her through her life and after she dies, wait and find her again. SO ROMANTIC! That Thierry loves her for who she is, and has no desire to change her.

But what are you waiting for?! Click on the link for Dark Faerie Tales and pick your own top 3!