Thursday, March 18, 2010

Black Jack by Lora Leigh - ERR Challenge Review

The Secret Service can’t control him. The British government can’t silence him. But renegade agent Travis Caine is one loose cannon you don’t want to mess with, so his commanders cut him a break—and cut him loose. His new HQ is America’s top intelligence force, Elite Ops. His new code name is “Black Jack.” And his new assignment is to die for.

She’s smart, sexy, scintillating—and one of Elite Ops’ savviest agents. Lillian Belle’s code name is “Night Hawk,” and Travis certainly wouldn’t mind flying a few midnight maneuvers with her. But when their mission turns into a red-hot game of danger, deceit, and double-crossed signals, Travis begins to wonder: Can he trust her? Can he resist her?

Let me first start off by saying that this is another example of when a horrible back description happens to a good book. Travis for one isn't a renegade agent - he used to be a part of MI5 in his previous life, but after he 'died' he's begun working for Elite Ops. Lilly is also a part of Elite Ops because of a family betrayal, but during this particular story she has been reintroduced to her remaining family after suffering amnesia after a shot (graze) to the head. Travis is brought into her life to monitor her recovery/memory, watch her family and friends to see who might be funding terrorists, and to maintain his and Lilly's cover for where she's been the last 6 years. With that as the basis this story has all the action and hot sex that Lora Leigh's books are known for. Leigh has always done an incredible job creating sympathetic alpha men and she sustains those high standards here. Travis's and Lilly's relationship is a bit of a rocky adventure with the trust issues stemming from her amnesia and his superior's orders, but the way they end up together is really compelling. Again Leigh has created very real characters and the joy of her bringing back familiar faces and introducing more of the oh-so-cool women of Elite Two make this book one to add to the shelves - BUT, don't forget to read the rest of the series first!

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. Scorching interactions between Travis and Lilly keep the story moving, but the background readers learn about Elite Ops and what their teams are like is just as engaging.

Series - 1) Wild Card 2) Maverick 3) Heat Seeker 4) Black Jack