Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Master of Fire by Angela Knight

Giada Shepherd is a Maja – an immortal witch of the Mageverse. When vampire knight King Arthur asks her to protect his mortal son from an assassin, she’s willing to do anything she must to keep Logan MacRoy alive. But Logan is no ordinary mortal – he’s a handsome seductive cop, intent on a romance with his beautiful new partner.

Trouble is, Arthur has ordered Giada to keep her distance from Logan. But that’s a lot easier said than done....

90% of the time I hate cover descriptions. They just never seem to convey what's really going on in the story. For most books by Nora Roberts or Jayne Ann Krentz I've stopped reading the damn things because the books end up being good no matter how ridiculous they sound.

Anyway, this book was a good read not only because it brings you back into a world I've enjoyed before, but introduces new characters and plot lines to help extend the series even further. Giada and Logan are an interesting couple, two people who both have their own fears and hangups that have to be addressed before their relationship can really begin. Even in the midst of danger and attraction, I would definitely call this a romance book. Their feelings for each other are at the forefront and when they bond and still manage to hurt each other, it's obvious that what the book has at its center.

I am VERY excited to read the next book though because Smokey was a great character and the preview included at the end of this book has me hyped!

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. For some reason I never got it to buying every book from the series, but this one was a lot of fun - though I've never like cliff-hangery endings.

Series - 1) "Seductions Gift" (part of an anthology) 2) Master of the Night 3) "Galahad" (part of an anthology) 4) Master of the Moon 5) Master of Wolves 6) "Moon Dance" (part of an anthology) 7) Master of Swords 8) Master of Dragons 9) "Vampire's Ball" (part of an anthology) 10) Master of Fire