Friday, March 5, 2010

Sick = Not Fun-ness

I hate being sick. Oh how I hate it. I'm always congested, something never feels right, and I'm inundated by 'you should go to the doctor'. I don't wanna go to the doctor! It never does me any good, they just tell me I have a cold and to rest, and by that point I've wasted my lunch hour or whole afternoon to hear that they can't do anything.


The colds that make me the most frustrated though are the ones that keep me even from reading. When it my head hurts to much or I feel my pulse behind my eyes, etc. How can I be expected to correctly convalesce and get myself back to work if I can't read? I can only sleep so much you know! At least I can say that I'm now on the mend and able to get back to my reading and my blogging, though unfortunately that also means I'm well enough to go back to work.

How about you guys? Any special treatments or comfort things you like to have around when you're sick?