Monday, April 30, 2012

Angel on Fire by Jacquie Johnson *Blog Tour*

All Angela wants is to understand why her father, security specialist Mac McKenzie, dropped dead on a sidewalk in Boston. Instead, she is thrust into the midst of an international conspiracy when she discovers that her father was working on a classified project at the time of his death. Now, the FBI, a terrorist and a killer have her in their sights.

Former Navy SEAL turned undercover operative, Chase Romero thinks his boss is overreacting when he orders Chase to small town America to protect Angela. But he changes his mind when her home is burglarized and "accidents" begin to happen. The real question becomes, how can he keep her safe if he keeps tripping over his own heart?

After shooting an intruder, Angela flees the scene, and the FBI issues a warrant for her arrest. On the run for her life and her freedom, she places her trust in Chase. As they travel from New England, to the nation's capital, to the shores of Lake Michigan, the trail - and their attraction - grow hotter. Together, they team up to prevent a global financial market meltdown and face a killer who will stop at nothing to get his hands on the project Mac protected with his life.

For me this book was saved by the last 1/3 or so. When I started reading about Angela and Chase I wasn't sure their spark was enough for me. All the right words were there, and I wasn't bothered by how they immediately starting lusting after each other even though there were in the middle of a crisis. It's a suspense romance - I've learned to roll with the punches. Still while everything seemed liked it should work on the surface I didn't believe in it. The action was a little lackluster in the beginning and I didn't completely understand why the heroine, who seemed very intelligent and kickbutt in her own right, was following Chase just a little too easily.

Happily I can say that after about halfway through the book things pick up. Chase is still pushing Angela away because he doesn't want to start something he can't finish (a quality of a decent guy, I approve) but they have to go on the run from pretty much everyone after a grisly murder. Again I could wish that Angela trusted her instincts more, but Chase is very much an alpha male and if she was too rejecting of his help I'm not sure their relationship would work as well. Plus the familiarity they have with each other at this point of the story makes their relationship more fun for me as a reader - I believe in it and want them to have their HEA. Add in great supporting characters (who I really hope get their own book later) and you've got a satisfying action romp that's both familiar and fun.

Overall Feeling - B-

Series - None

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