Monday, April 16, 2012

A little present from NYC! *giveaway*

While I was in NY this time around I had the pleasure of visiting The Strand - a most epic representation of Indie bookstore-ness, and quite impressive if I do say so myself.

Would it make sense to you if I said I felt a little intimidated? There was just SO MUCH, everywhere, that I couldn't imagine seeing every corner of it. At least not in one visit.

What I did get my hands on pretty quickly was a rare-ish copy of High Energy by Dara Joy! Her books are out of print and while you can get an e-copy from her website, for me there's just nothing like having the book in your hands. And since I already own it I couldn't resist picking up a copy for one lucky reader! Joy does a wonderful job at writing lighthearted, feel good romances with interesting characters and hilarious stories. I defintiely consider them my comfort reads and I can't wait to pass that on to someone new. 

Physics. Zanita Masterson knew nothing about the subject, and cared little to learn--until a reporting job led her to one Tyberius Augustus Evans. The rogue scientist was six feet of piercing blue eyes, rock-hard muscles and maverick ideas, and the notion that he was seriously interested in her seemed insane. But a night of monster movies, cookie-dough ice cream and wild love was almost enough to convince Zanita that the passion-minded professor was determined to woo her--with his own masterful equation for sizzling
ecstasy and ...HIGH ENERGY

But wait, what's this? Yesterday at the Arlington Central Library Book Sale I found another Dara Joy book. For even CHEAPER! Huzzah! Again I already own Mine to Take, but why not share?

He was full-blooded and untamable. Sensual and sinuous. Erotically magnetic. A uniquely beautiful creature who could make himself irresistible to women. And he was feral at heart. With his glittering green and gold eyes, silken hair, and purring voice, the stunning captive chained to the wall was exactly what Jenise needed. And he was hers to take...Or so she believed. But she had never heard how dangerous it was to lie down with the cat.

That means TWO lucky people can win books from RAtChaos! One contemporary romance, one paranormal romance, just leave a comment below telling me which one you'd like  Giveaway's running for two weeks, until 12:01am on April 30th, and don't forget to use the Rafflecopter thing-y so I can contact you if you win!

**EDIT**: Apparently people hate the Rafflecopter thing so just leave a comment with an email address I can contact you at. Thanks!