Friday, April 13, 2012

Beneath the Skin by Lauren Dane

Gibson de La Vega is the Bringer, one of the Alpha’s right-hand cats. It is his job to mete out justice and defend the law that holds their jamboree together.

After a contentious meeting with another jamboree, he’s shot—Mia stumbles onto the scene and saves his life. He’s immediately drawn to the female who dug three silver bullets from his body. Even after he discovers she’s a Porter, a family his own harmed grievously half a century before.

Mia has enough in her life. She’s recovering from a vicious hate crime—an attack using silver has affected her ability to do what she loves most. The last thing she needs is a bossy alpha cat like Gibson. A de La Vega no less.

Despite the myriad reasons to stay away, even as they continue to hunt down the would-be killers, their attraction deepens into something else entirely.

The answers they find bring that threat far closer to home than anyone could have imagined and it’ll be up to Gibson to end the mess once and for all. And up to Mia to stand at his side, even as he risks his life…

While this doesn't quite compete with some of my favorite books by Lauren Dane (Chase Brothers, Brown Siblings) it is by no means a waste of a read. I like a mix of contemporary with my paranormal romances because for me the sense of authenticity that results from a good blend just can't be beat. The relationship and the supporting characters that are introduced - everything gets a boost. Dane excels at making the paranormal normal, and so for Gibson and Mia their road to love might have had some bumps but overall it was believable. They didn't jump into bed and 'feel' that each other were the one; they had to work with each others' insecurities, pasts, and family.

Me likey :).

Overall Feeling - B+

Series - 1) Trinity 2) Revelation 3) Beneath the Skin