Saturday, April 28, 2012

Full Bloom by Jayne Ann Krentz

Jacob Stone was part bodyguard/troubleshooter for Ravenscroft International. Over the years, he'd pulled Emily Ravenscroft out of coutless acts of rebellion against her domineering family. Now he'd been summoned once again. Instead of a reckless hellion, he found a woman in charge of her life, who didn't need protection, but needed love. Did Jacob need this new kind of trouble?

I love Jayne Ann Krentz. Even when the description sounds like poop I end up loving the story, and this one definitely didn't have the best description. It's not fully poop but it makes Emily sound like an immature thoughtless woman and paints Jacob as the no-it-all alpha male. It's not my favorite pairing, as the power dynamic ends up getting so skewed that I'm annoyed with everyone.

Thankfully Jacob and Emily are much more than their description, especially when it comes to their relationship. Jacob might have been hired by her family to investigate some shady characters but Emily doesn't sit idly by trying to think of ways to annoy everyone around her. She has a life and goals and her own moral code that she won't let her family run roughshod over. Even Jacob, who she's loved for years, doesn't get a pass and she holds him accountable for his actions and his respect of her as an individual. Add in some of the great sexual tension that Krentz (to me) is known for and the classic 'heaving bosom'-ness of when they come together and I loved the whole thing. If you can get your hands on a copy I consider it totally worth it :).

Overall Feeling - A

Series - None