Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear Ms. Roberts...

Dear Ms. Roberts,

Let me start out by saying that I have read your books for half my life. Since
the first time I picked up the 'MacGregor Grooms' in a grocery store near the laundry mat, your stories of love and
adventure have played a huge role in my life. No matter which book I picked up, whether it was a singular title or part of a series, your worlds always seemed to be this great combination of familiar and new. I always had the comfort of knowing I was settling down to read a story with a happy ending, yet the journey I took to get there was going to be different every time.

I am happy to say that even now, your books number higher than any other author on my shelves. It's with a sense of nostalgia that I look back at them, at the thumbed-through favorites with curling covers and split spines. They might not look the best anymore but I know that's only because I loved them so much. It doesn't matter that I might not read them as often nowadays or that some of them are collecting a bit of dust; none of that detracts from the joy I'll get when I finally pick them up again.

For example, take The Donovan Legacy series. I can safely say that it's been years since I've picked them up and it's still as good as ever. The magic of your characters (literally for this series) is still there and their relationships are as touching as ever. Rereading your books will forever remind me how soothing it is to not have to deal with a soap opera in book form. Men and women form bonds that last a lifetime, without bed-hopping or traumatically induced amnesia. The strength of your books lie in the in the emotion that makes each man and woman real, in the stories that make ever reader's heart sigh.

Ms. Roberts, I'm sure that a lot of readers write to you every day to tell you how much of a difference you've made in
their lives. I remember standing in line at one of your book releases in high school and not wanting to be the avid fan that creeped out the author with her fanatical devotion. I hope that this letter doesn't seem like that to you, and comes across more as an honest thank you for writing books I have loaned to friends for years and will continue to pass on to whoever is willing to listen.

Thank you.


***Inspired by the blog Dear Author