Monday, April 5, 2010

Musing Mondays (4/5)

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about the upcoming readathon.

Are you planning on participating in the upcoming readathon? Why not tell us a little about your plans: reading solo or with a partner/group? How long to do plan to read? Do you have your books chosen? If not reading, do you plan to be a cheerleader? The floor is yours.

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT with either the link to your own Musing Mondays post, or share your opinion in a comment here (if you don’t have a blog). Thanks!

**MUSING MONDAYS is hosted by Rebecca at Just One More Page...

Well let's begin with the fact that I knew nothing about this readathon until Rebecca posted about it. Hahaha, sometimes I feel like such a noob in the world of book blogging! I have no problem with reading portion of this responsibility that I've taken on, but the community I've stepped into? That I'm learning about on a day to day basis - it's really kind of cool actually.

To get back to the point, I had to do some research before replying to this post. Followed the link, read the FAQ, really tried to wrap my mind around what was supposed to be happening here. After all that research: maybe. Maybe I will participate in the readathon. Now don't get me wrong, it sounds cool as hell, but my life is really busy at this moment, with my having committed myself to way too many things. I even have to find time to read, which I've never had to do - before the time always just magically appeared. Not so right now...