Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Ten Dragon*Con Greats - #10

As ridiculous as it is, Dragon*Con is something I look forward to the entire year. As soon as I've left Atlanta I start thinking about how great it's going to be the next time - and this is only after going for 2 years! It's made THAT big an impact on my life so far.
The first time my friend and I went we were so excited because we'd been stalking Laurell K Hamilton and it was the first time she'd gone in years (though usually she went every year). I think our expectations were more than surpassed by what we experienced, with the authors we saw and t
he panels we attended - not to mention the awesome costumes.

In honor of Dragon*Con this year (which is only 10 days away!!!) I'm going to do


A series of posts designed to showcase all the great things I've already seen and the great things I hope to see this year. Let's get started shall we?

#10 - Goth in the Mainstream Panel

The first year Jessica and I went to this panel it was a complete fluke. I saw that her favorite bandleader - Rogue from CruxShadows - was a speaker and suggested it as an activity because we didn't have anything else planned. I suggested is something fun to do for her, not really because I th
ought I'd enjoy. Instead of sitting and reading in the back I became engaged in a very intelligent discussion on peer groups, acceptance, fashion - it all came up. It was such a memorable moment from my first year that Jessica and I attended the same panel last year. I highly recommend it to anyone attending D*C, as it does a lot to show 'goth' - both the people and the culture - in a much more tangible light, as something that any person can approach.