Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Ten Dragon*Con Greats - #3

#3 - Star Trek Panels

If any of you could have been here with me when I went through the guest list for Dragon*Con you would have been very afraid. There was more than a few maniacal smiles and definitely some outbursts of laughter that left my coworkers confused. But can you blame me? Most of the casts for Voyager AND Next Generation are going to be at D*C this year!

Riker! Troi! LaForge! Data! Chakotay! Tom Paris! Harry Kim!


For most of the year I am fully able to assume the role of socially acceptable Trekkie. I watch an episode here or there, I talk about this favorite character or that one. And yet, when D*C comes around and I see who's going to be there I totally freak out. I get so excited and worried about what if the panels conflict? What if I can't see everyone? I tried going from one event to another last year and it didn't work out so well, so what happens if it goes on again this year?!?!

The answer? Epic TNG-Voyager battle royale.