Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top Ten Dragon*Con Greats - #8

#8 - Farscape Panel

There are three actors slated to attend Dragon*Con from
Farscape - Ben Browder (so hot!), Virginia Hey, and Raelee Hill. While I do have to deal with the disappoin
tment of not seeing Claudia Black (she went last year), I'm still excited about going to another Farscape panel. This was a show that was canceled before it's time; in fact, Sci-Fi canceled this show at the height of its fame and made me the creators so mad that they didn't rewrite the season finale - they just left the viewers to deal with the cliffhanger.

Now luckily for all of us a few years later Sci-Fi released
The Peacekeeper Wars, a miniseries (I want to say 4 hours?) that tied up most of the loose ends and gave fans the HEA they were looking for. I consider it one of the best science fiction shows ever produced and if you get the chance to watch it from the beginning I definitely recommend it!