Friday, July 23, 2010

Creating your 'reading spot'

Creating the right environment for me, or anyone, who's a reader should (I think) revolve around 3 things: lighting, seating, and shelving.

Though we only ever really remember it when it's off somehow, I consider lighting very important to the whole 'perfect to read in' scene. Whether it's reading lights, flashlights, or table lamps, if you're not able to comfortably see and decipher your book it's going to get annoying. The same goes for seating and shelving: without the right pieces in the right places, things can go to hell in a hand basket pretty quickly.

Of course this doesn't mean you can't choose to read for awhile somewhere random that's maybe not perfect - people are finicky creatures and I'm sure this happens quite often. But, I'm sure most of you would agree that if you could design your own ideal reading location it would probably include a nice comfy chair with something nearby to put your book on (or have extras waiting).

Just last week I was approached by a representative at CSN Stores with an offer to try out one of their products in my own reading spot. They have wonderful examples for all of the 'Big Three' and I can't wait to try something out! My plan right now is to do a video on whatever I get, and if it's shelving or something that involves some building I think you're going to get another one of those cute 'time lapse+music' ones! Of course I have no idea how I'm going to film it since I don't have a tripod and I know my roomie's not going to hold my camera at just the right angle forever, but I've decided that doesn't matter. I'm a smart girl - it'll work out.

Stay tuned for the real life review and demonstration!!