Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Her Heart's Divide by Kathleen Dienne

Lila was a faithful, loyal wife.

Ryan was her sexy, loving husband.

And so was Jack...?

Jack, however, was her boss, not her husband—why was he claiming her as his own? Lila had been passionately happy with Ryan for more than seven years. Yes, there'd been a moment when she'd first been attracted to Jack, but then she'd met his best friend, Ryan. They'd fallen in love and married. Jack claimed that in his world, their attraction had led to the altar.

And now she was caught between two men—two husbands—in the wildest situation Lila could ever have imagined. But what she wasn't imagining were the two men touching her, pleasing her, caressing her...

*I requested a copy of this title to review through netGalley*

I had a lot of fun reading this short story. It was hard in the beginning, just because I was thrown into the middle of everything, but Dienne quickly works to draw the reader into this triangular relationship. Lila and Ryan are married so when Jack shows up one day saying that he's the one married to Lila, it's confusing to say the least. You don't initially know how, but the Jack we're introduced to do has been plucked from an alternative universe, where everything is the same except that in his world he married Lila.

The best part about this erotica is how real everyone's reactions are. Jack lusts after Lila because to him they're married, but she doesn't want to betray Ryan and so is naturally confused about what's going on. There isn't an immediate 'let's jump into bed - everyone's married so it all works out!' conversation. Instead Ryan's fantasies and Jack's feelings for 'his' Lila come together to create a chance for Lila to live out the forbidden.

Don't you just feel the tension?

The final scenes are sexy and well written and are wonderful examples of how sensual sex can be without gimmicks (if you don't think alternative realities are gimmicks). Lila doesn't magically have a butt plug or desires to have two dicks in one hole - no one suggests any ridiculous positions or anything like that. Instead the three of them come together in a very organic and real way - which is what is missing from a lot of other erotica released today.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. I wish it was longer, as the plot was interesting and I really liked Ryan and Jack, but Dienne does a great job at creating a sexy read in a few amount of pages.

Series - None