Monday, July 5, 2010

Musing Mondays (7/5)

Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about what you're reading!

What are you currently reading? Would you recommend it to others? Is it part of a series (if so, which one)? What are you thinking about it? What book(s) would you compare it to, if any?

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I actually just picked up a new book this morning, Family Man by Jayne Ann Krentz. It isn't part of a series per se, but Krentz does have a few similar novels that star spunky heroines and misunderstood/brooding/sexy heroes. I've always loved her for her contemporary romance, because as much as I love the paranormal romance genre I do sometimes like to read other things. I know! It's amazing!

I've actually already read this particular title of Krentz's before, so I know I would recommend it to others.


Almost a decade of working for the high-powered Gilchrist family empire has made Katy Wade sassy, spunky- and secretly determined to open her own business. There's one last problem she has to solver before she feels free to leave. The Gilchrists need an heir apparent to save their mysteriously floundering fortunes, and there's only one man for the job: Luke Gilchrist. All his life the Gilchrists have made Luke pay for his father's scandal, and now he's a renegade who's sworn he'll never go home- except to get even. Katy must persuade Luke to use his own business expertise to rescue his family, but one look in his sexy green eyes, and she knows why they affectionately call him 'the Bastard."

That's not the whole back, but you get a good idea of what the story is about. I enjoy the old school feel of the title, in the way Katy and Luke interact with each other. I also think that Krentz does a wonderful job creating an eccentric family in the Gilchrists who's own pride and drama often causes their own issues.

And to compare it to something? Hmmmm, if I had to say it was similar to anything I'd have to compare this title to some of the older Nora Roberts like Blithe Images or Dual Image. Something about the gruffness of the heroes in both of these Roberts' novels urges me to put them on the same level of Family Man.