Monday, July 26, 2010

McKettricks of Texas: Austin by Linda Lael Miller

World champion rodeo star Austin McKettrick finally got bested by an angry bull. His career over, his love life a mess, the lone maverick has nowhere to go when the hospital releases him. Except back home to Blue River and the Silver Spur ranch. But his overachieving brothers won’t allow this cowboy to brood in peace. They’ve even hired a nurse to speed along his recovery. Paige Remington’s bossy brand of TLC is driving him crazy. As is her beautiful face, sexy figure and silky black hair.

Paige has lost count of the times Austin has tried to fire her, but this determined nurse is not going anywhere until he’s healed, body and heart.

Austin’s brothers are laying bets that Paige’s place in his life just might become permanent.

*I requested a copy of this title to review through netGalley*

Linda Lael Miller, as a romance powerhouse, does a great job reminding people why romance as a genre has survived so long. People love that happy ending, and even without the spiffy shiny trappings of blood and monsters, the feelings between two people are what catch a reader's attention.

For Paige and Austin, they've already tried to find their HEA. When they were both in high school they were a hot and heavy couple, and at that time it turns out Austin (and probably Paige too) just weren't ready to commit to the long term. Austin makes a few mistakes in the ending of it though, making things strained and awkward when these two come back together.

In the end though the feelings that were between them before are still there, and with the helping hand of a few accidents to keep them in each other's hair, it's not hard for them to rekindle their attraction. The hard part is recommitting to that HEA; for Paige to believe that Austin isn't going to hurt her again and that the feelings they have for each are enough to last a lifetime.

I've always loved the old fashioned romance, they're the books that first caught my heart, and Miller has a created a great series in these brothers - even though I only read Austin's book I got enough of a back story with the other two that I'm sure their books were just as charming. I definitely recommend that you pick this up!

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. Harlequin often publishes nice, wonderfully uncomplicated romances, and Miller has created a tale that has heart and staying power.

Series - 1) McKettricks of Texas: Tate 2) McKettricks of Texas: Garrett 3) McKettricks of Texas: Austin