Monday, July 12, 2010

see katie draw - MONSTERS

Good Monday Everyone!

The oh so wonderful artist behind Reading Amidst the Chaos's banner, Katie Grosskopf, is having an art show
THIS FRIDAY (July 16th) in Atlanta, GA! I unfortunately will not be able to attend (darn flight costs), but if you're in the area you should definitely go (heck if you're in the state you should go!).

I have known Katie since high school and over the years seen her abilities as an artist grow amazingly. Plus this particular show highlights some great pieces -
Why would you want to miss out?! There's also going to be an after party at Halo Lounge, so not only would you get the chance to see some awesome artwork, you'd also get the opportunity to partake in the Atlanta nightlife!

But I guess I should offer some options for the people like me who don't live in Atlanta, right? Well there are a few other ways to see Katie's art and learn more about her as an artist. You can visit her at:

her blog -
see katie draw -

on twitter - see_katie_draw -

on Facebook -
MONSTERS -!/event.php?eid=134454126575411&ref=ts

Hope you stop by her show, if you do don't forget to let her know that Dana sent you!