Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cannon Movie Tales: The Frog Prince

In just one of the many examples of why my roommate and I are perfect for each other (in that dorky, nerdy, non-sexual kind of way), we both bonded this morning over a movie from our childhood: The Frog Prince.

Not that ridiculously strange version with Robin Williams, ok? Cannon Movie Tales: The Frog Prince, where an actual adult male in great makeup plays the prince when he's a frog.

I don't remember how we originally came onto the topic, knowing us Jessy said one word and all of sudden I exploded with how that one word reminded me of this movie I used to watch when I was a kid. But for us - that's all it takes.

Do any of you guys remember this? It hard Helen Hunt, Aileen Quinn........and John Paragon. Jambi the Genie as the Prince. Mekeleka Ai anyone?

I AM COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY. Does that picture over there look like John Paragon to you? Because it sure as hell doesn't look like him to me!

I did not remember at all that John Paragon played the prince, and I watched the Peewee Herman Show. A lot. It's an example of the extreme ignorance that children can have watching an actor taking on the roles of someone else.

I've been sitting her frantically Google-ing and IMDB-ing for almost an hour, tracking down pictures and just reveling in what I loved when I was a kid. This movie was fantastic. Paragon was just so handsome (in my head) when he was the frog
and when he was the prince.

..................but it's weird for me to think of Jambi the Genie being that childhood hero. Go figure.

Luckily it appears that the Average Joe off the street, or at least the humble desk worker, is able to relive their childhood and watch the movie online (yay YouTube!) in 9 parts. You can find all the links here.

What childhood princes/heroes/old ass fairy tale re-makes do you remember?