Friday, June 4, 2010

Sing-a-Long Fridays (6/4)

Sing-a-Long Fridays is hosted by Dana at Reading Amidst the Chaos.

All you need to do is pick a song from one of your favorite shows, movies, or artists and post it on your blog or comment with the link below so that other people can karaoke away! It's a great way to share the excitement of another Friday and an even better way to get the party started for the weekend!

This week I've chosen something a little slower, but not at all less of a classic: 'Feed the Birds' from Mary Poppins. Originally released in 1964, Mary Poppins is a well loved classic played over again for its amazing cast of characters and for its amazing music. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke star is this wonderful musical and their faces and voices make this story what it is - in my opinion anyway. 'Feed the Birds' is a Mary Poppins' solo, sung to the two children under her care to help them fall asleep. Hope you enjoy!