Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coin Operated by Ginny Glass

When Elijah Elliot leaves a cushy job at a prestigious Atlanta advertising firm to strike out on his own, he recruits co-worker Beatrix London as his business partner. She’s smart, capable and, turns out, mouth-wateringly tempting. Now Eli has to keep his hands to himself, despite the very vivid daydreams he has involving his deliciously attentive associate. Daydreams that involve less administrative duties and more “yes, sirs” - less clothing and much more personal “activity reports”.

Bea’s attention to detail has only part to do with her work ethic. From the moment she first laid eyes on Elijah, Bea has had some pretty lathered-up fantasies about her brooding coworker. When a racy new advertising campaign sparks a test of their boundaries, Bea pushes Eli to cross the line he’s drawn between them – the one that keeps him from doing all the hot, sinful things she imagines he’s capable of.

A kiss that could ignite a cubicle’s carpet leaves Bea wanting more than Eli is willing to give. Eli’s reticence isn’t strictly an objection to a little office hanky-panky; his desire for Bea runs to the darker side of vanilla, and the gentleman in him just can’t seem to embrace the inner beast. But during a sexy showdown in a laundry room, everything comes out in the wash-- hot, steamy and coin operated!

*I requested a copy of this title to review through netGalley*

I am a picky erotica reader, especially when it comes to those that could be qualified as quickies (not that long page wise), but Ginny Glass has done a great job with Coin Operated. This story is hot from start to finish, as it begins with Eli's D/s fantasy about Bea and ends with the real thing. Whenever Eli and Bea come together you can just see the sparks, their attraction really palpable and believable, even though as reader you're being introduced to them after they've already been working together for a while.

But what most stands out about this relationship is how real both characters seem. Bea wants Eli but isn't sure about his feelings; Eli wants Bea but after being humiliated in a past relationship where he tried to introduce some D/s, he's understandably hesitant in approaching her. These two care about each other, and their dance to move from business partners to lovers has you rooting for them the entire time. Another plus for this particular erotica is that Glass writes sex scenes that have convincing dialogue, a believable back and forth between Bea and Eli; it's a fantastic combination when the scene itself is so sensual and real . You almost wouldn't believe it after 68 pages but this one definitely has me rethinking my laundry mat!

Overall Feeling
- Thumbs up! This is a great, fun little erotica that has just the right combination of romance and character development to get me attached to Eli and Bea. Highly recommended!

Series - 1) Coin Operated (Dirty Laundry series through Carina Press)