Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tongue in Chic by Christina Dodd


Devlin Fitzwilliam caught Meadow Szarvas red-handed, breaking into his mansion to steal a painting. In sheer desperation, she used a case of amnesia as her excuse. But then he pulled a fast one-and claimed she was his wife. Playing along was the only way for Meadow to get her hands on that painting. But what she doesn't realize is that Devlin has a hidden agenda too-and that someone's keeping an eye on them both.

I picked this up as a random library sale buy, really only because it was a romance I hadn't read before and it was cheap. Probably not the best reason to buy a book, but it worked out well this time!

I haven't read anything by Christina Dodd before, but if this book is indicative of her other work I feel like I'd enjoy them. Her book has the kind of fun character entanglement that keeps me excited right up until the end of the story - which is rarer than you'd think for contemporary romances. The fact that Devlin and Meadow are lying to each other literally from the moment they meet but still manage to finagle themselves around it enough to fall in love and solve a mystery I think says quite a lot about Dodd's ability as an author. In these kinds of situations I find that more often than not the hero becomes such a jerk that he's usually not someone I relate to and definitely not someone I want to get the HEA. This time Devlin is a character with enough depth, and enough good and 'bad' elements in his personality that you're rooting for him even when you're cursing his male stupidity. Meadow is just hippy child enough to be amusing and not irritating, though I guess I'm a sucker for strong females who kick the legs out from underneath stuck up old fogies.

Overall Feeling - Thumbs up. This book has a great protagonist pair, with neither Devlin or Meadow willing to budge an inch (at least initially) on what is important to them. Their persistence in talking around each others secrets while falling in love is both hilarious and romantic.

Series - 1) Trouble in High Heels 2) Tongue in Chic