Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thirsty Thursdays (5/27)

Thirsty Thursdays is hosted by Dana at Reading Amidst the Chaos and anyone can join in!

To share in the debauchery just think of one of your favorite alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages and say why you love it and how to make it! You can link to your own blog or leave a comment below with your choice, but please include the mixology of whatever it is so that other people can give it a try!

I decided this week to go with something refreshing without the alcohol and pick a drink that's good to have no matter what mood you're in - the ever so classic Shirley Temple. This used to be my drink
of choice whenever I went out for dinner, I think because while on their own Sprite could be too plain and Grenadine could be too sweet, together they were phenomenal. I linked to the Wikipedia page, but I'm not sure if I agree with adding a maraschino cherry or a slice of orange. I like my Shirley Temple undisturbed by any fruit, mostly because while I like grenadine and cherry flavored things, I hate maraschino cherries.


I unfortunately don't have as much cause to go to Chili's or Ruby Tuesdays as often as I did in North Carolina, but if you find yourself in a semi-nice sit down restaurant, I recommend that you give the Shirley Temple another chance and let it win your heart away from those oh so simple, unadorned, fountain beverages.